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To Our Parents...

At Pooh Corner we realize how challenging it can be to balance work and home life. To help make your day a little easier by relieving the stress/worry of "Have I left my Child at a Safe Place"; "Have I made the right decision to come back to work?" we want you to know that while your child is at Pooh Corner he/she is being treated as if they were one of our own children. Pooh Corner’s philosophy is that children are to be treated with warmth and respect, to be guided, to be challenged and to be enjoyed. Positive interaction by caring adults (smiling, touching, holding, and speaking at eye level) throughout the day is what makes a quality center. Because the children spend so much time at Pooh Corner, we are perhaps one of the most important influences on their early development. We have to recognize our great responsibility for helping each child to develop morally, emotionally, and socially. Our Staff do this by treating EACH CHILD who comes to Pooh Corner as the MOST IMPORTANT child at our school.

We have created this website with the hope to be able to serve our families better and provide useful information/tools to help all parents whether you are a first time parent, a single parent or an experienced parent. We have taken the time to gather various links/articles/tips to help all of our families with the challenges that come with striving to be the best parent you can be.

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Kidz Corner...

Every month Pooh Corner distributes "Kidz Corner" newsletter which provides insightful articles and information regarding what is happening in our classrooms at both locations.

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Parenting Information, Articles and Additional Resources

Pooh Corner has compiled and written a variety of childrearing articles and additional resources that may help address some of the parenting issues you face every day. We will periodically post different articles/links as appropriate with the season/theme of the classrooms. These are just a sampling of some of the great parent resources our families have access to when enrolled at Pooh Corner. We hope that you will find them useful as well!

Click here to access articles on continuing your child's growth/learning at home.

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