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Otrobando Location Offers Accredited Programs by NAEYC

School Readiness Programs

What happens to children before they are five has a direct link to how they perform when they are 10, 15 and 20 years old. It is a priority of School Readiness to involve parents in their child’s learning and education. Research has shown that early childhood programs that involve parents and children working together are more effective than programs that only focus on the child. Involving families early encourages parents to play a more active role throughout their child’s education.

Pooh Corner’s Otrobando Preschool Program is a participant in the School Readiness Program administered by the State Department of Education. The School Readiness Program allows Pooh Corner to provide both quality early care and education. We focus on education and meet children's social, cognitive, physical, emotional, creative, language and cultural developmental needs.

The School Readiness Program is available for eligible preschool aged children who are residents of Norwich. The Pooh Corner School Readiness Program offers full-day programming. Costs are minimal and parent contributions are based on a sliding scale.

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